Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Why I let go of judgement...

Judgment can wreck you. Growing up, I was always conscious of what other people thought of me and I would often shy away from conversations/interactions to avoid uncomfortable situations. I would always put so much time into thinking about what I was going to say to avoid saying something "dumb". In the teenage years, it became even harder as you obviously want to be liked - my thoughts would sometime get the best of me.

When I finished highschool, I got a job doing door-to-door sales. This job was the best thing that happened to me at the time because it forced me into an uncomfortable realm of communicating, that I would have never put myself into otherwise - oh, and the pay was bomb!!

This is what triggered me to start forgetting about what other people thought. I knew I was smart and realistically, I was only holding myself back. I sold the crap out if those programs and I was good at it! When I started appreciating myself and letting myself express my thoughts and true self, I realized how much further I was getting and how much happier I was! 

Sometimes when I'm practicing yoga I notice a bit of judgment peak it's nose up in my bizzzz and I have to remind myself that it serves no purpose here..ever. If I fall out of a pose, am out of balance one day or can't do something I did perfectly fine yesterday, I remind myself that it doesn't matter. That it's ok to have off days. With this inner guidance, I often fall right back into place a moment later.

Words I now live by:
1. Take risks 
2. Put myself in uncomfortable situations 
3. Don't judge. No matter what. Forget what others think as well as what my negative self thinks
4. Leave toxic people behind 
5. Practice gratitude

Want are some ways that you let go of judgement? 

Nat xo

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