Monday, 3 February 2014

WOOT! Liebster Award

Happy Monday!

!Fun Fact! - did you know that you are not supposed to ask for a raise on Monday's?!? Typically, people aren't in a great mood and it could impact your chances! They say to wait until Tuesday, and slowly ease in to the idea by asking a question like "I would like to earn a raise over the next month or two and would like some suggestions as to how I can achieve this goal". Try it! 

Yay! I am so excited to have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Alex from Glitter and Cookies! What a honour...I keep forgetting that I'm writing posts and people are actually reading them! Sometimes I feel as though I'm sharing what's on my mind to be able to reflect on it later, but it's reassuring to know that you wonderful people are actually responding to my reflections. Thank you for that <3

OK so here we go:

So the rules of this Award are:
   Write 11 facts about yourself.
   Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you. 
   Create 11 new questions
   Nominate 11 bloggers and tag them in your post 

In order, here are 11 facts about myself!
1.  I have a Masters degree in Communication Studies
2.  I got married at 24 (I am 27 now and I will be with my husband 8 years as of May!) 
3.  The most disgusting thing in the world is Apple Juice. I haven't had it since I was a kid and the thought of it makes me hurl. 
4.  I used to be a synchronized swimming since I was 7. I haven't done it for a couple years. Tear. 
5.  My favourite vacation was to Barcelona, Spain. 
6.  I tried out for Canadian Big Brother last year. Was going to try out again this year but I ended up having emergency surgery. Boo. Maybe next year!! (PS the new season starts in a month! AHH)
7.  I love scuba diving.
8.  I love horror. I hate sad movies. 
9.  Shows: Dexter. Breaking Bad. AHS. The Killing. BIG BROTHER. the Bachelor(ette)
10.  I have a Maltese dog named Boe. He's my old child...for now.
11.  I want to have babies. Like yesterday. 

And here are the 11 questions Alex asked me:

1.  Why and when did you start blogging?- over a year ago...but it was slow at first. I started it while doing my Masters (not a good idea), so I never got to put in as much effort as I would have liked. I blog now with a different goal in mind than I did a year ago. I want to be able to look back on these reflections years from now and remember what I was doing and how I was feeling. I also want to inspire others and make new internet friends! 
2.  What's your favourite clothing item and why? Big baggy sweaters! - I've gained a few pounds since I got married and I feel like it hides it well :P
3.  Dresses or trousers? Trousers. Only because it's freezing right now so the thought of wearing a dress is painful. 
4.  Dream job. It's completely random but I would LOVE to be a Midwife. lol. Seeing as I studied Arts, I would have to go back to school. But alternatively, I would also love to be a VP at Digital Communications and Marketing firm. 
5.  Would you rather go to the cinema or stay home with a book? Stay at home with a book. Although I do love my movies, I've been watching them from home lately.
6.  Nude lipstick or red lipstick? 100% nude. I only wear red at Christmas. lol it's weird. 
7.  Do you collect anything? Mascaras. Not kidding I have 10 on the go. So ridiculous
8.  The city or the countryside? Country for sure! I grew up in the country and I much prefer the quite lifestyle
9.  What can't you live without? EOS lip balm. I have about a dozen right now, located in various locations in my house, car, workplace, bags.
10.  It's your day off: would you rather lay in or get up early to work out? I hate to admit it but sleep in! I love my sleep and I will grab any opportunity to catch some extra zzzzzz's
11.  Favourite band/artist? I have the most random taste in music. I like everything from Katy Perry, Eminem, and Ed Sheeren. Those are prob my fave right now. 

WEPH! Ok now here are the 11 questions for the people I tag!!!
1.  Describe yourself using 3 words. 
2.  What's your favourite song right now?
3.  What's your favourite makeup item?
4.  Do you want kids? If yes, how many?
5.  Where/what would be your ideal date?
6.  Do you have plans for Valentines Day?
7.  A random fact about you?
8.  What's your dream job?
9.  If money wasn't' an issue, what is one thing you would go out an buy?
10.  Who's your role model?
11.  Favourite movie and/or TV show?

The 11 bloggers I tag are:
Zoe from Writing 
Tammi from My Organized
Julienne from Hey Tony
Ria from That Looks
Diana from Toronto Teacher Mom 
Millie Rose from All-Made-Up
Tiffany from The Dwelling Tree
Helen from TheLoveCats Inc
Maria from Maria Isabel
Abi from Beauty +
Emma from Emma with a touch of Sparkle

Make sure you tag me in  your responses!! I can't wait to read them!

Much love … <3


  1. Thanks so much for nominating me! Sadly, I was very recently nominated so it doesn't make sense to make another post, but I shall answer your questions, and I'm glad to have been introduced to other nominees :)

    1. Describe yourself using 3 words.
    Positive, Mad, Dreamer
    2. What's your favourite song right now?
    I never seem to have a 'favourite' song but right now Britney's 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' is stuck in my head!!
    3. What's your favourite makeup item?
    Generally, eyeshadow. I love creating different looks! But specifically right now, probably my 17 Doll'd Up Mascara. It's a drugstore product but I get so many compliments from it - maybe I'll do a review!
    4. Do you want kids? If yes, how many?
    I definitely want kids, and if money wasn't an issue I'd have a massive family like Cheaper By The Dozen. Realistically, between 2 - 4 kids! Mostly boys but I do want a girl aswell :)
    5. Where/what would be your ideal date?
    Something fun, rather than movie or dinner I'd like to do something extra-ordinary and adventurous!
    6. Do you have plans for Valentines Day?
    No :( Zac Efron/Bradley Cooper/Miles Teller/Channing Tatum (I could go on) haven't got back to me yet...
    7. A random fact about you?
    I'm really bad at pronouncing words and people get annoyed with me all the time! For example, instead of bald (as in hairless) I say it like 'bold', and penguin like 'pin-gwin'. And penguins are my favourite animal!!
    8. What's your dream job?
    Something where I have an impact on other people, doing something good. Doesn't matter what as long as I'm happy and I'm making others happy.
    9. If money wasn't' an issue, what is one thing you would go out an buy?
    Wow what a question. Louboutins?
    10. Who's your role model?
    Probably my mum, she's a fantastic woman and I'm so proud of her. Fashion/beauty wise, I'm really inspired by Suki Waterhouse right now and even thinking of taking some hairspiration from her!
    11. Favourite movie and/or TV show?
    I said in my Liebster Award blog post by favourite movie all-time is Stardust, but I love action films. My favourite TV Show is probably Sherlock? I also love KUWTK, The Carrie Diaries and all those girly things!

    Thank you X a million for the nomination!

    1. lol to #6!! Well I'm sending love to you this vday :)


  2. Thanks Natalie! As you saw on my blog, I was nominated already so have answered your questions below:

    1. Describe yourself using 3 words.
    I am Ria
    2. What's your favourite song right now?
    I love "Can't Stop" by One Republic. It just chills me out and I think their whole album is fantastic.
    3. What's your favourite makeup item?
    Concealer! I crack mirrors without it.
    4. Do you want kids? If yes, how many?
    Absolutely not. Everything about having children scares/depresses me. Though I might feel completely different in ten years time!
    5. Where/what would be your ideal date?
    A moonlit dinner on a remote tropical beach, during a luxury holiday I didn't have to pay for.
    6. Do you have plans for Valentines Day?
    Sit alone in my room weeping.
    7. A random fact about you?
    I have been on TV in Japan, twice.
    8. What's your dream job?
    To be a successful (e.g. rich) author.
    9. If money wasn't' an issue, what is one thing you would go out an buy?
    An enormous house, with a huge dressing room and bathroom en suite to my palatial room.
    10. Who's your role model?
    Great question... is it very sad that I don't have one? There are a few people I admire, but not really any role models.
    11. Favourite movie and/or TV show?
    Way too many to list! I am a bit obsessed with crime shows at the moment, I'm hoovering them up. I just started The Bridge, which is a Swedish & Danish police drama.

    I loved answering your questions! I hope I don't lose marks for question one, haha.

    Much love,

    1. I love your first answer!! lol unique and truthful. :)
      Thanks for the response. Loved reading your answers.


  3. Thank you Natalie, lovely post!
    I love apple juice, but I admit I have to be in the right mood for it.. lol!
    Good luck if you decide to try for Big Brother next year, I hope you keep us updated hehe :)

    Alex xx

    1. Thanks girl!! Keep in touch.


  4. I love apple juice hehe....
    Oh my gosh being on Big Brother would be SOO cool

    Kelly from | Day Dreams & Daisy Chains

    1. Seems like I'm the only one here that thinks otherwise! husband loves it and my distaste for it is so bad I can't even go around him after he drinks it -___-