Monday, 10 February 2014

I LOVE Mondays

That's right - I really do love Mondays! I get excited to start a new week and go back to work with people I love! It will be sad to leave them when I move on :(

Apologies AGAIN for not writing the last couple days. Right now is such a busy time for me (which I know everyone's busy) but especially with job searching and still trying to get my house in order, has taken up all of my time. I was up at 6:50 am this morning which is really the only reason I get to squeeze this in.

I think my problem is I really want to have a good blog post that is well thought out before I compose it - however I think I need to be a little bit easier on myself because this blog is really just a reflection of my life in digital form and I should be able to write whatever, whenever I feel like it and not worry if the content/structure is perfect (this is not a thesis Natalie…sheesh). I can't seem to surrender the academic brain. One of my goals that I want to work on is to not be so hard on myself. Lately, I feel this has gotten worse, and admittedly, I really really want to work on this.

So I'm going to try and just write whatever is on my mind and not second guess whether "it's good enough, or not" to post. Also, I'm going to try and start planning out my posts for the week ahead. This obviously will be more organized and structured which is helpful. So here are a couple of blog posts that you can be expecting this week!!

-Valentines day DIY lip scrubs (for your gf's/coworkers!)
-Valentines day plans (which I still don't know about! I can't believe he kept this a secret this whole time!)
-TTC update
-Mall Haul
-My new office!
-Job hunting/the BEST book I've ever read to help me succeed!

That's all for now my lovely readers!

Have a fabulous week!

<3 natalie

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