Wednesday, 12 February 2014

DIY Valentines Day Lip Scrub!

Hi there!

Welcome back. I work with all women (6 of us in the office). Although, if there were boys in the office, I'm sure they would like this cute little Vday gift as well. Lets be honest, everyone should have soft, moistened lips, especially at Vday when smooching is more likely to occur xxxx

So this little gift I planned to give to the girls tomorrow as a little vday treat. I wanted to get this post up sooner so that if you wanted to make these for your coworkers/friends, you had more time.

BUT - the good news is, these can be made at ANY time! Have fun with the colours too for whatever occasion and enjoy the softness you experience after application. mmm mmm mm.

Here we go:

You will need sugar (white), olive oil, coconut oil, honey, and tint (optional).

You will need tiny jars to put the lip scrub in. These I purchased at Dollarama, $1 for 3! Steallll

Then you will need little note cards so that you can write the ingredients, and a little message to your Valentine! <3

 Some ribbon……..

And cute little baggies to wrap them in! OH…and, I used a glue gun (not shown) to add bows on them. You'll see :)

First things first - you will want to sanitize the little jars. I soaked mine in hot water with antibacterial dish soap for 10 minutes. Rinse with hot water and dry them thoroughly. 

 Different recipes call for different measurement but I literally just started going to town until I got a desired texture! For someeeee reason, every time I make recipes or DIY projects at home following measurements, they never work out! So now I just wing it. And it works out much better! Use a durable spatula because you will have to much together everything equally and it can be hard if you're just using a spoon. 

Scoop the mixture into your cute little jars and voila! Easy peasy lemon squeezey!!

But, I decided the bow needed to go on top - not wrapped around the side (might get too messy!).

This is where the glue gun comes handy. 

Ah! Much better! Here we are! I just wrote the little message on the one card, and the persons name on the other. Pop the jars into the fridge overnight to give them a good texture. 

slip them in the bags the next morning….

How a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!!! I hope they like them! 

What do you think?! Would you like to receive this as a gift!? I saved the left overs in a jar for myself and I tried it tonight…. so SO good! I love how the coconut oil makes your lips so soft and moistened after application and for hours after. Just the best! 

Share with me your DIY Valentines day projects as I would <3 to read them!

I'm so excited for vday as my hubby has plans and I don't know what they are! 

He has NEVER, in 8 years surprised me like this so that's why it's such a big deal for me. 

Stay tuned! I will share my vday with you all on my Saturday post!

much loves. natalie. <3

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