Monday, 27 January 2014

Sunday Lunchy!

Hey lovely readers….whoever you may be and from whatever part of the world you may be in!

I went out for Sunday Lunch yesterday with my husband, in-laws, and their parents (grandparents), to a delicious small town restaurant called "The Daily Grill", and oh my good lord was it ever delicious!

It is one of those small restaurants that doesn't have pretty signage at all, so you would never think to go there (is that snobby of me?). Let me "paraphrase": it's more of an old-persons-spot. There, I said it.

Yes, so this is where my husband's grandparents wanted to eat so we had no problem giving it a try and I'm SO glad we did! We split a Chicken Souvlaki dinner which was also a good decision because the meal portions are ginormous, and it was just enough for the two of us! yum yum. Lesson: try new places and DON'T judge a restaurant by it's cover (aka signage).

Here is the simple and fresh look I went with yesterday for our family outing!

The magic I used to make it happen…

After lunch, we decided to pop into HomeSense where we bought a new table cloth, wine glasses, and then I bought myself a dry brush (review on this later!), and a new huge water bottle for work :)

(the dry brush I bought)

Weeee, that's all for now my preciouses (an actual word?).

Much love…Natalie


  1. such a lovely makeup look!

    from helen at

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