Sunday, 10 February 2013

Yoga with Fiji

Yoga is very much a large part of my life. 

It helps (but is not always successful) in silencing my mind, building strength and overall makes me feel happy. I've been doing Yoga for over five years now, particularly hot yoga (obsessed with hot yoga), however recently started doing it in my own home. Hot yoga can be quite expensive especially if you already pay for a gym member monthly. Sometimes, at Moksha Yoga they will have Karma or Community class where you pay what you can (proceeds usually get donated to charity) which I think is a fantastic way to give everyone the opportunity to try it out. Because EVERYONE, should try it!

Doing yoga at a studio I find is more peaceful and comfortable, in my opinion. I always had this idea that I would never be able to do yoga at home because it's too hectic, or that it wouldn't work me out the same. Until recently I've been trying to challenge myself. I am learning/trying to calm my mind at home so that when I am finished my practice I can carry on in a relaxing environment and get more done. Also, I feel that the skill of silencing your mind is tricky however rewarding when you are able to accomplish it.

So by trying out this new technique of yoga, it has changed things up within my practice which is not only challenging (especially when I force my husband upstair and tell him to be quiet!), but extremely rewarding and a different change of scenery.

One of my favourite sites to practice from is "DoYogaWithMe". It's 100% free and they offer other mediation techniques on the site aside form just yoga practices.

This is the one I just finished with about an hour ago:

Connection to Core with Fiji!

The best part to this is in the middle of poses, my extremely cute dog joins me on my mat!! I love it! He's too cute to move so sometimes I will try to do the poses around him!

So whether it is practicing yoga, or any other activity/job/task in your life, try to switch it up. Not only will it keep things exciting, but it will challenge structure in your busy lifestyle.

Peace, love and happiness to all,


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