Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sally Hansen Salon Effects?


I know these nail polish stick-ons have been around for a while but I always thought they were gar-bajjj. No, I was way wrong!

I bought these bad boys today at Winners (my new fave store) because they were half the price rather than buying them at the drug store. Everyone loves a good deal. Or at least everyone should O_o

Ugh-mazeeee is all I have to say. I bought two colours: the net black/gold colour I'm wearing and this sea blue that I will try next!)

It takes about the same time to put them on as you would paint your nails however it's the waiting for them to dry that you can avoid!

I have been staring at them all night! I honestly was amazed! I have only had them on for the evening so who knows, after tomorrow I might change my mind if they already start to come off. But so far, this is the best new thing for my nails! I have pretty good nails but I find it such a CHORE to do them! To go sit in a salon for an hour is tedious. Especially having to watch depressing news on TV and listen to misbehaved children yelling and screaming while their moms sit there sippin' their lattes. ignorant. bla.

Or, trying to do them myself just sucks. 

You've got to try these! These are probably not my first choice of colours however it was the one two they had left! If they turn out to be as long lasting as the box says (10-days) than I will go buy more at Shoppers/Walmart.

Let me know if you've tried them and what colours you would recommend!

PS has anyone tried the Sephora brand yet?

Love and Peace,

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