Friday, 8 February 2013

Number One

There's just not enough hours in a day....

Do you have the same concern? I'm sure at some point or another in everyones life they will or have already said "I wish I had more time". Whether it's about getting simple tasks done around the house, children absorbing all your time, trying to meet deadlines, spending time with loved ones, wishing more time with those who have left us...The list goes on. 

Why is time so valuable however such a pain in the ass at the same time? I want to be able to better manage my time to a. be more organized b. be less stressed c. to get time to do those things I've always wanted to do

Is that so hard? How can I do this? What is the most efficient way to manage time and be productive? I NEED to figure this out. 

But exactly when will I ever find the time to do just that? See, it's a paradox...that never ends. 

Sitting here at my kitchen table writing this blog while I have wet clothes sitting in the washer, a dog that needs to go out, dishes in the sink, and a yoga disk on pause. How do I prioritize?

If you have the answer, please share. I'm going to attempt to answer this myself and share with the world. 

If, of course, I ever get the time. 


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