Sunday, 17 February 2013

I just wanted to blog today!!

I love blogging! 

Even if no one is reading. It is a time where I can express my thoughts and create a picture of my life that I can later reflect upon!

I am so thankful for everything and everyone in my life and I believe that everyone can have the same happiness. It is crucial that we be kind to one another and this kindness will return. Once you create positive energies with love, gratitude and giving you can change your every being.

I am a huge believer in karma and this is something people may or may not take serious. If you trace history, you will find that karma is not just a modern day catch phrase, but an understanding of the universe that has been communicated through centuries of religions and spiritual practice (originated in Hinduism in the 1800s).

Love everyone, even if you do not receive the same love back. Time is powerful and over time, this love will return to you without a doubt. It must, and will.

It is amazing the changes you can make in your life by understanding how important it is to show love and gratitude to everyone and everything in your life. I promise it exists.

Here are two of my favourite quotes before I end my blogging blitz for the night:

Both are quotes from Buddah <3

I would love to share more spiritual knowledge with you but for now it's sweet dreams.

Much love,


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